For about the cost of a large coffee a day you get all this;

  • Finding and Screening Tenants for your suites
  • Collecting rents and depositing funds into Owner’s bank accounts
  • Managing all repairs and breakdowns reported by tenants
  • Paying for any day-to-day expenses throughout the month
  • 24/7 line for your Tenants to report any emergency issues
  • Serving Tenants with N4 & N5 notices when needed.
  • Advertising of vacancies on our website and other social media platforms.
  • Scheduling and attending yearly Fire and Insurance Inspections
  • Monthly accounting statements for Owners detailing all income and expenses
  • Monthly updates on the overall condition of the property
  • Suggestions for improving your Properties efficiency
  • Small repairs
  • Yearly rental increase forms served
  • Overseeing all repair & service work required
  • Arranging grass and snow plowing services if needed
  • A dedicated Paralegal available for any Tenant questions, advice, and service

Filing a formal application with the Landlord Tenant Board would carry an additional cost. The paralegal we use would take care of this service and would charge their hourly rate in addition to the filing fee.  We are no longer able to attend a tribunal on a Landlords behalf.  A Landlord will NOW need to attend himself, send a friend who is not being compensated for the appearance in any way, or hire a paralegal to perform this stand-in service for themselves.

Any renovation or repair services carried out by the company requested by the Landlord would be quoted at a rate of $45.00 per hour, per person. A free written estimate can be provided for any job requested. We are fully equipped to handle most small renovations and handle abandoned apartments & house cleanouts and trash removal.

We have access to licensed Tradesman in all service fields if needed for any larger jobs or emergency repair work. We are able to look after snow plowing and or shoveling services in both Belleville & Trenton areas.

On top of this, we offer insight, recommendations, and suggestions that will save you money and improve the value of your investment and lower your operating costs. This we guarantee.

We are a property management and maintenance company that does more than just manage your investments we improve them.
Our goal is to optimize the building’s efficiency and cut your operating costs. By implementing energy-efficient solutions & improving your tenant-landlord relationships.
We will lower your vacancy rates and keep your apartments full and your tenants happy.
With our unique business philosophy and management strategies, we can make your property achieve its full earning potential.

Whatever the size, whatever the property. J & T can improve your investment with our complete management service. Satisfaction guaranteed.
So leave it to J & T and see how easy being a landlord can be.