Leave it to J & T Property Management Services covers all aspects of managing your investment. Fees are based on the number of apartments and the overall condition of the units so usually an onsite consultation is recommended for accurate pricing but our costs are insignificant for this kind of attention and services offered to your investment.

Fees for this service typically run about $90.00 plus tax. That’s per apartment/house per month. Owners with 6 apartments or more qualify for a discount rate. 

These are the included services for the property management fee;

  • Collecting rents and depositing funds
  • Managing all repairs and breakdowns
  • Serving tenants with notices and tribunal forms
  • Advertising of vacancies
  • Scheduling Fire and Safety Inspections
  • Monthly accounting statements
  • Updates on condition and suggestions for improvement
  • Small repairs
  • Yearly rental increases served automatically if desired
  • Preparing apartments for viewing
  • Overseeing all repair & service work required by all 3rd party contractors or service providers
  • Monthly visits to property for visual inspection
  • Yearly smoke & CO battery changing and device inspection


  • Finding and screening tenants for your suite. As of January 1st, 2022 there will be a $500 apartment filling fee with a maximum of 2 charges per calendar year. Due to rising costs in advertising and the number of vacancies, this is a fee we have had to implement. This is well below the industry standard.
  • Any lawn maintenance or snow services
  • L1 or L2 applications


Filing a formal application with the Landlord Tenant Board, like an L1 or an L2 would carry an additional cost in addition to any filing fee. All landlords will NOW need to attend themselves, send a friend who is not being compensated for the appearance in any way, or hire a paralegal to perform this stand in service. We now work with a Paralegal full-time who prepares all our L1, L2 or similar applications and will stand in for Landlords who are clients of ours for $100+HST an hour when needed.

Any renovation or repair services carried out by the company requested by the Landlord.  Rate of labor is $40.00 per hour plus tax.  A free written estimate can be provided for any job if requested. We are fully equipped to handle most small renovations and handle abandoned apartments and trash removal. 

We have access to licensed Tradesman in all service fields if needed for larger jobs or emergency repair work.

We have a PLOW truck and sander and are available to do snow removal and lawn maintenance for our clients at an additional charge. To be quoted per property.