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Landlord’s preferred screening method is Rentify (Verifast) which can be accessed directly and filled out online by the applicant by pressing the apply now button at the bottom of this page.



RE: PAPER APPLICATION – This can be found at the menu on the top of our website. Please print it off, complete it, scan it and send to
To send us the completed application form via Canada Post, please send to:

PO BOX 22057
Trenton Centre,
Trenton, Ontario.




Most tenant applications require you to send sensitive information such as pay personal ID documents, stubs, and other financial information, either by paper or by email. This is both insecure and time-consuming. To ensure your privacy and security J&T Property has partnered with Rentify to verify your identity and verify your income. Rentify uses a secure connection with your bank to verify your identity and find only the financial transactions required for J&T Property to determine financial rentability.

Using Rentify saves time and provides a secure way to instantly supply the required information removing the need to acquire, scan, and send sensitive documents via e-mail. Making things easy for both you and J&T Property. 

How to complete your Income & Identity verification

Step-1: Click on the blue button marked “Apply Now” below 

Step-2: A new browser page will open where you will be prompted to complete the rental application through Rentify  

Step 3: Once completed your application will be reviewed and if selected, you will be prompted to complete the financial verification process.

Step-4: Once the verification is complete, you will be contacted if selected for the property.

NOTE: The completion of the Financial Verification process is MANDATORY if selected to do so and must be completed before a lease can be signed. This process is only completed after the applicant has viewed the space and indicated they want to move forward with their application.


Another option If the interested applicants already have access to a recent credit report (within 3 months) and a letter of employment or something similar, confirming their employment, the number of hours, and length of time employed this will also work as an alternative application. They could bypass the Rentify application process and simply submit this documentation along with a completed online application to be considered for one of our rentals.  If you choose this method, please either call 613 438-8175 to arrange to meet and pick up your documentation in person or email your completed application to

Please email with any questions before applying. We do not want people who won’t qualify with our Landlords to waste their time filling out applications. Only well-qualified, creditworthy, responsible, suitable applicants will be selected, so if your credit is not very good and you would like to email us your situation and some details concerning your family and working situation we can advise whether you should submit an application or not. Most of our Landlords want to see a history of good credit.

Feel free to email me at or call 613-885-8174 with any questions.

Thank You,

Jason Wood
J&T Property Maintenance Inc.